Group Attorneys

Michael W. Mackay-Partner

Our International Law Group services both United States and non-United States individuals and entities with significant emphasis on transactions between Europe and the United States. In addition to transnational business, immigration, tax and structural planning in connection with foreign investment, we have experience in international joint ventures, licensing agreements and sales and representation agreements. We have been involved in the establishment of subsidiaries, agencies and branches on behalf of foreign entities and work with foreign lawyers and advisors in coordinating these activities. We are experienced in the legal aspects of international and commercial investment activities, and often act in a fiduciary capacity in order to facilitate our clients’ needs for flexibility and discretion.


The Firm regularly advises international private clients in the acquisition, ownership and management of their U.S. investments. These include holdings in marketable securities, real property interests, U.S. subsidiaries or branches of foreign businesses, and private transactions. Members of our Firm engage in planning and structuring transactions, purchases and sales, non-resident asset protection vehicles including U.S. and foreign corporate vehicles and trusts, custodial arrangements and working with qualified investment managers and advisors. We are experienced tax counsel and routinely work with applicable double taxation treaties between the United States and many countries. We enjoy long term working relationships with foreign banks and trust companies, counsel, accountants and fiduciaries in Europe, the Caribbean and South America.